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In the framework of our Citizens' Agenda Campaign, we started a dialog with people from all across the EU. The idea was to find out what the people really think about the EU, their hopes, fears and ideas about the future of Europe. These statements are not representative and do not reflect the opinion of the EUDemocrats. Nevertheless they say much about the current situation in the EU.

» Nicolae, 52, Romania

- Do you agree with the European Union being turned into a federation, or is a cooperation of Member States is enough?
Nicolae: It is already a federalist system. At least the way I see it. I would prefer a closer cooperation between Member States because we are all too different. It is impossible otherwise to please everybody and to respect everybody.
- What would be the worst idea about the EU?
Nicolae: I can't really say. I will tell you at the end of 2007. What I can tell you is that the Hungarians and the Poles regret it as their economic development is worse.

» Tomek, 34, Poland

- Do you believe that there is a limit to the development of the EU? If yes, how can one know where that limit is?
Tomek: The EU should develop itself constantly- there are new challenges all the time. But the limit you asked for would be, for example, the accession of Turkey (as it is not democratic in fact, there are violations of human rights there) or making one federal state.
- According to you, is the EU too bureaucratic?
Tomek: In some cases, absolutely. Too many regulations seem to me that are not needed, e.g. how regular banana should look, what plants may be used to make vodka/wine/jam etc. The same with RoHS directive which in my opinion doesn't help to protect the environment but only makes costs higher for small electronic companies.

» Linus, 26, Sweden

- If I told you that about 70% of the new laws in your country came from Brussels, would that be okay with you?
Linus: That would depend on what kind of laws the EU was issuing and what for, and especially under which circumstances (if, for example, democratic procedures are being respected).
- Do you believe that there is a limit to the development of the EU? If yes, how can one know where that limit is?
Linus: There are cultural limits. Most people aren't prepared to move outside their own country, so why would they want to see all their power rest up in the hands of the European parliament?
- What would be your worst idea about the EU?
Linus: Too much decided by its biggest members perhaps. Lack of diversity in general.

» Magdalena, 62, Slovakia

- Would you like the EU to become a federal State?
Magdalena: It could have its advantages and its disadvantages. Abuses of power will be easier. Good and central decisions could be reached in case the continent would be compromised. But that also applies for bad decisions and it could be tougher for smaller states. How would such a state deal with minority issues?
- Did you participate in the European elections in 2004 (with a turnout of 16%)?
Magdalena: No, because the political parties didn't give me enough useful information. That's why I decided to solve my problems on my own instead of going out to vote.

» David, 27, Portugal

- At the moment, what opinion do you think people have of the EU?
David: I think the range of opinions about the EU is very wide. There are so many different cultures and traditions that make it impossible to have similar opinions. Generally, I think people see the EU as a positive and necessary development project of our time.
- What fears do your people have of the EU?
David: The main fear, in my opinion, is loss of their own identity. This fear grows bigger the smaller and less developed the country is.




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