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Welcome to the EUDemocrats' website. Here you will find an overview of our goals, core values and current projects.

Founded in 2005, the EUDemocrats is a pan-European Eurorealist alliance. Our goal is to reform the EU: we work for increased transparency, accountability, subsidiarity, and most importantly budget control within the European Union. The EUD does not take a position on left-right policy issues, believing that these issues should be decided in national parliaments.

Our core values, represented in the four petals of the EUD flower, are:

  • Transparency ⇒ The EUD works to ensure that legislation, decisions, meetings and budgets are made available to EU citizens in a simple and accessible format, and that EU decisions are free of arbitrary interests that favour a select few.
  • Subsidiarity ⇒ The EUD aims for EU institutions and legislation to operate under the principle of subsidiarity. Decisions must be made and carried out at the lowest possible level in every community.
  • Democracy ⇒ The EUD strives to improve democratic accountability. Our role as a European political party is to reduce the gap between the European institutions and the citizens. Policy making needs to reflect the will of the people, and the powers that create it must be dispersed into several elected institutional bodies.
  • Diversity ⇒ The EUD asserts that Member States must be free to implement policies in their own, most appropriate ways and that the peoples of Europe must not be subject to aggressive harmonization.
» Current and On-Going Projects:

No EU TAX campaign

By the end of June 2011, the European Commission will present a formal proposal for an EU tax (misleadingly called “own resources”). The specifics of the tax proposal are unknown at present, but the purpose is dangerously simple: the EU wants to bypass its member states by getting direct funding for the EU cash box.

We believe the European Union should be governed by the member states, not viceversa. The right to directly tax citizens belongs exclusively to the member states.

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Parlatu campaign

In an effort to bring balance to the euro debate in the Baltics, EUDemocrats has started the Latvian web campaign www.parlatu.lv. We believe hearing all points of view is essential in a democracy and that long-term policies such as joining the euro must be supported by the people those policies affect.

Granskning.EU campaign

Starting in 2013 the EUDemocrats, together with its affiliated think-tank the OEIC, runs a swedish EU news and analysis service available at www.granskning.eu. The information and EU-news campaign aims to provide a counterbalance to the heavy pro-EU bias in the Swedish press by scrutinizing coverage of EU news and following the work of the EU institutions directly, delivering high quality analysis and updates to citizens in Scandinavia.


 The EUD also continues to act as an important medium through which the citizens of Europe can unite to discuss and cooperate in their efforts to enhance democracy.


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